Best Times to Call

Best Times to Call

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Spring forward and Fall back Hawaii does not follow the daylight savings time clock. Listed below are the best times to call for your favorite shows.

Keep Listening and Mahalo


Kim Komando 4am – 1am Sat 1-888-825-5254

Tom Hartman 9 am – 12 noon 1-866-303-2270

Doug Stepham 1 am-4am 1-888-302-3684

Leo LePorte 8am-11am Sat/Sun 1-888-827-5536

Peter Greenberg 4am-7am ‘” 1-888-887-3837

Rudy Maxa 4am-6.m Sat 1-800-387-8025

The Pet Shop LIVE 10am – 12 noon Sat 1-866-870-5752

Car Talk Show 8am – 10am Sat -888-227-8255

The Frommers 6am-8am Sun 1-800-544-7070

Dave Ramsey 24/7   M-F  1-888-825-5225

Coast to Coast 7pm-11pm 1-800-618-8255

Coast to Coast First time caller 1-818-501-4109

The Money Pit 2am – 4am Sat 1-800-510-8255

Local Shows 242-7800

Statewide 1-866-982-7800